Wednesday, February 10, 2016

6260 Years of civilization?

*6260 Years includes all of the worlds civilizations not just the New World Order!

Now let look at this the statement "The Pentagon can not account for 2.2 trillion dollars, Which we now know that amount should have been some were around 5 trillion dollars! And the fact the the Pentagon is the number one reason that the United States can balance it's accounts, can anyone say brake away society?  The fact that after 6260 years of civilization, we are still condemned to paid for that which should be free. In a time when we hear calls for the public to pay for water, where in parts of the world where this is happening there are call for the banning of collection of rain water. It's no wonder they sabotage the (Africans in America) soul music industry. If your old enough you'll remember this one

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