Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Police Brutality vs War Crimes

I was listening to a talk show on a local radio station that will remain nameless (WBAI opps) and the conversation was about police brutality in the community. I caught one of the call in, this guy has a voice that was so stereotypically police enforcement. I mean that if you were to turn on the T.V. crime show and they had the usual Hollywood cast of characters the voice on the cop in the movie would sound the same as this gentleman calling in. Now the show was about a 12 year old who was shot in the park for having a toy weapons. There was video of the crime and it seems as though the offices were not on the scene more than two (2) seconds before the incident took place. The gentleman on the phone started in a very conciliatory way but rapidly change the subject to how African in the community should act like Jewish people who were treated so bad in the Holocaust. I was amazed that the woman on the show (an African woman) was unable to reply in a meaningful way to this obvious assault on her stand on the issue. She simply had to say to him we can't think about acting like those Jewish people because if we do, we also could be the ones committing war crimes in the future! Can anyone say GAZA!

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